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5 Benefits of Convenient Urgent Care Facilities

October 08, 2019
pediatrician near me

As a parent, it's easy to ask 'where can I find a good pediatrician near me?' and come up short. On average, children are expected to catch cold six to ten times a year, which means that you will visit a health care facility several times annually. Consider taking your children to the urgent care near you instead of emergency room services due to the following benefits.

Shorter Wait Times

If you're still asking 'where can I find a pediatrician near me?' and coming up short, you might be tempted to go to the ER. There, you will likely be forced to wait for hours at a time. On the other hand, urgent care center wait times are much shorter. Studies show that patients in urgent care facilities have an average wait time of fifteen minutes. Your child will get immediate attention from medical specialists who are always ready.

No Appointment Needed

Primarily, it is expected that you have to make an appointment before seeing a doctor. This takes time, and your appointment could be scheduled for another week. However, in urgent care centers, you don't have to make an appointment. Most urgent care facilities operate on a walk-in basis where you're not required to make an appointment to see pediatrics.


Convenience in medical facilities is critical because it allows individuals to seek medical attention at any given time. You will be able to see a pediatrician near you seven days a week, which is not common in primary care facilities. Most urgent care centers open as early as eight in the morning and operate until late in the night.


If you are located in rural areas, you will only come across 10% of urgent care facilities and the remaining 90% will be hospitals and emergency rooms. However, people living in suburban and downtown areas don't struggle to find urgent care centers. They are available in large numbers, which means that people can access medical services immediately. When you're interested in a pediatrician near you, an urgent care center could be mere minutes away.

Fully Trained Staff

One of the significant problems in the United States healthcare facilities is a lack of staff on-hand at all times. You will come across rural emergency rooms without an experienced pediatrician, while others don't have nurses. However, urgent care facilities have at least a full-time medical provider who will offer any necessary assistance.

If you wish to receive immediate medical attention within the shortest time possible, consider visiting an urgent care facility. You will find doctors ready to serve you with modern tools and equipment. You will also get an opportunity to access quality care at lower costs.

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