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Alzheimer's Awareness Month at Urgent Care Centers

November 20, 2019
When it comes to your health, it is important to research and find a doctor and facility that caters to your medical needs. There are numerous facilities intended to address medical problems across the country -- urgent care centers, pediatrician offices, surgeons, etc. However, depending on your medical issue, the type of medical care you need may vary. Specifically, if you suffer from Alzheimers you may require a doctor who specializes in diagnosing and treating that specific illness. For this reason, be sure to keep reading below to learn about the various benefits associated with urgent care centers in treating specific conditions and illnesses.

1. Proximity

Keep in mind urgent care centers are often local and are able to assist you during difficult times. It is important to think about how a medical facility will help you achieve optimal health, as you want to feel comfortable with your medical provider. For example, during Alzheimer's Awareness Month, efforts are made to help diagnose individuals and protect them from the difficulties associated with Alzheimers. Urgent care centers are especially helpful in this arena, as they are smaller facilities and have the ability to connect with local patients and inform them about troubling illnesses. Similarly, urgent care centers can work with women during breast cancer awareness month, to inform them of preventive measures to protect against breast cancer as an estimated 268,600 women will be diagnosed with new cases of breast cancer in 2019 alone. Thus, urgent care centers are well-versed in varying procedures to protect your loved ones from long-term, difficult diagnoses.

2. Versatility

Another benefit to urgent care centers is they are a great place to visit during flu season as each year more than one billion Americans are diagnosed with colds. It is important to note, that in a single year the average child will catch between six and ten colds. For this reason, if you are asking yourself when to use urgent care services, consider that visiting a center for sick children is a great reason. Further, if you are someone or know someone who suffers from Alzheimers, you want to keep urgent care centers in mind. Consider, that someone suffering from Alzheimers who has a cold, may not remember to take care of their cold symptoms. Specifically, visiting an emergency care center should be your first pick during flu season as they are familiar with the strain of the flu each year and stock up supplies for managing the flu.

3. Trusted Medical Care

In addition to flu knowledge, emergency urgent centers are known for seeing numerous patients a day making them a trusted source for medical care. Take note, that in 2015, emergency urgent care centers reported seeing an average of approximately 12,000 patients. This is equivalent to three patient care visits per hour or 32 visits per day. The repeated visits demonstrate that individuals trust care centers to meet their medical needs and provide them the information they need to remain healthy. So, the next time you experience a medical issue be sure to find the urgent medical center closest to your home.

If you found these tips helpful, then you are on the right track to finding the medical care center that's right for you and your family. When it comes to choosing the right medical center, it is important that you take time to research your options. In addition to finding an urgent care center that's close in proximity and highly-regarded, you also want to be confident that the doctors address your medical concerns and that they are well-versed in treating your specific illness. All in all, take the time to research your options and take the time to ask yourself when to use urgent care services!

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