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Centric Urgent Care offers prompt, affordable, and same-day appointments for emergency medical needs, as well as annual physical exams made in advance. Physicals are provided for patients of all ages, and include exams required for school and sports participation.

Physicals Q & A

Centric Urgent Care

Why are physicals important?

An annual physical is the best form of preventative medicine for patients of every age. The information and medical history recorded at these visits provide a baseline of a patient’s vital statistics. This enables the doctor to detect concerning changes that may indicate an emerging health problem at its earliest most treatable stage. Physicals also provide an opportunity for the doctor to encourage healthy lifestyle choices, answer questions, and address any concerns. In addition, it’s a chance to build a trusting doctor-relationship, rather than waiting to meet for the first time when you are ill.

What does a physical entail?

Specifics tests and screenings will differ depending on a patient’s age and medical history. However, all include:
#   A review of the patient’s medical history
#   A physical examination of eyes, ears, nose, throat and vital organs
#   Reflexes tested
#   Recording of height and weight
#   Measuring blood pressure
#   Taking your pulse
#   Vision screening, for older children, teens and adults
#   Hearing screening, for older children, teens and adults
#   Urinalysis
#   Vaccines updated

During a child or adolescent physical, the doctor also discusses age-appropriate milestones. At Centric Urgent Care, we encourage all healthy patients to book a physical exam once a year. Patients who have increased risk factors for various conditions, may be advised to been seen more often.

What is a sports physical?

Athletes of all ages and levels who participate in a school or club sports teams are typically required to complete a pre-participation physical examination. Also called a sports physical, this exam is designed to evaluate the athlete's general health, fitness level, risk of injury, and detect any possible medical conditions that could appear while the body is under the stress of participating in competitive athletics. During a sports physical, the doctor can also evaluate how previous injuries have healed and whether these require any medical intervention.

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