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Welcome to Centric Urgent Care

We are now offering Telemedicine

Centric Urgent Care is dedicated to continuing to provide quality health care while reducing exposure of COVID-19 to both our patients and staff. We recognize our patients still have health care needs outside of COVID-19 and we have begun taking several preventative measures to decrease exposure in our offices. In addition to those measures, we are now offering Telehealth services at most of our locations for visits not requiring physical contact. Please call us to schedule your Telehealth visit today! Click here to learn more.

Now offering Primary Care Services
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Welcome to Centric Urgent Care

At Centric Urgent Care, we strive to help our patients get the highest quality care, so they can get better and feel healthy as quickly as possible. In an effort to get conditions diagnosed and treated as soon as possible, we offer prompt, same day appointments so we can see patients when they need it most. Walk-ins are always welcome at our family urgent care center. Our team is focused on offering affordable, quality care for each patient, so we take the time to understand your symptoms and develop a customized treatment plan for each person. When patients experience an acute illness, we're here to help whether it's for asthma, flu shots, injuries, women's health, UTI, respiratory infections, pain management, vaccinations, physical exams, cardiac care, x-rays or ultrasounds, and more.

We accept all major insurances. Call or schedule an appointment online to avoid the wait and get treated faster.



Call 911 if your condition is life-threatening.



Our pricing system is simple, transparent and straightforward.



Yes. We are in-network with most major carriers.


Services We Offer and Conditions We Treat


If you suffer from asthma, Centric Urgent Care can help you ease the symptoms and ultimately get your condition under control. Book online today to avoid the wait and visit.

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The flu can knock you off track. In order to get back into your day-to-day routine without hindrance visit Centric Urgent Care. Call or schedule an appointment online to get the proper treatment and recover quickly from the flu.

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Women are more susceptible to developing a urinary tract infection, which can cause uncomfortable and even painful symptoms. Our staff at Centric Urgent Care can offer treatment quickly to minimize discomfort for patients.

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Urgent Care

Centric Urgent Care provides state of the art urgent care to patients who don’t have an emergency but need immediate medical treatment. The facility also offers prompt, affordable, and same day appointments to patients.

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Minor Injuries

Whether you’ve cut your finger preparing dinner at home or been bitten by an unfriendly dog at the park, the medical team at Centric Urgent Care offers prompt, affordable, and same-day treatment. A visit to our office is quicker and less costly than a marathon wait in the hospital emergency room.

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There are many common conditions adults and children experience every year, such as bronchitis, shingles and pink eye. Our staff at Centric Urgent Care can help you and your family get treatment and recover quickly.

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Centric Urgent Care offers prompt, affordable, and same-day appointments for emergency medical needs, as well as annual physical exams made in advance. Physicals are provided for patients of all ages, and include exams required for school and sports participation.

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Large or deep cuts often don’t heal without stitches. If you or your child sustain such an injury, immediate medical care is essential and available at Centric Urgent Care.

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